Creating a Culture of Respect in the Home (Primary and High School Parents)

This humorous presentation talks about the highs and lows of parenting a teenager or pre-teenager, and leads parents to conclusion that they are not alone or dissimilar to other families. Michelle shares stories, concepts and ten practical strategies from her every day work to help parents get the socks picked up, the dishwasher unpacked and homework done…most of the time. This aims to be a confidence building presentation which inspires parents to maintain connection and change
gears as their child grows.

Content includes: 
Why this generation don’t think they are disrespectful
Teenager aggression and why teens bully parents
A step by step guide to how to say no to a difficult teenager
Payback jobs and how they work
The importance of an apology
How to win the little battles
Incorporate respect into your everyday routine

Recommended audience: Parents of Primary or High School aged children
Duration: 50 mins plus Q and A