Everyday Resilience: Helping Kids Handle Friendship Drama, Academic Pressure and the Self-doubt of Growing Up

The way our children handle ‘small knocks’ is crucial, as it will be the foundation for much bigger things. It’s during the small knocks that young people develop their response patterns to life’s future pressures. That’s why we can’t dismiss or understate our child’s daily experiences. They require our full parental attention.

In this presentation Michelle’s uses seven traits to help parents transfer resilience during the everyday grind of school life.  It has a focus on helping kids handle friendship dramas and academic pressure, and also provides strategies for gaming and dealing with anxiety.  This presentation will empower parents to coach resilience at the end of each day.

Michelle answer questions like:

  • How are children taught resilience?

  • What do I say when my child handle social disappointments?

  • How do I help my child choose good friends?

  • How do I help my child handle friendship drama and gossip?

  • How do I best support a child who is struggling academically?

  • How can I help a cautious child try new things?

  • Is there a secret to addressing sibling rivalry?

  • How do I help my child be more grateful?

Recommended audience: Primary Parents

Duration: 50 minutes plus q and a time 


This is a timely, excellent read for those who live with or work with children.

Maggie Dent
Author, Educator and Resilience Specialist

‘Everyday Resilience’ is a warm, wise, and powerful discussion of how we, as adults, can build the scaffold to empower the children in our lives to expand into their very important place in the world.

Karen Young
Author, Speaker, Parenting and Child & Adolescent Anxiety Specialist

Parents need all the help they can get raising happy, healthy, resilient children in a culture that too often knocks the life out of them. This easy-to-read book will help you help your child navigate the travails of life and develop essential life skills and protective traits to aid them into adulthood as confident, self-reliant and empathetic human beings.

Melinda Tankard-reist
Author, speaker, co-founder Collective Shout