48 practical, resilience
boosting strategies
for tweens


Hi Parents,

I’m Michelle Mitchell.

If you want to build resilience in your tween, you have come to the right place. This is the resource I wish my children had when they were younger.

The EVERYDAY RESILIENCE JOURNAL is a beautifully illustrated book which provides tweens with 48 easy to read strategies and journal activities around these chapter titles:

  • Handling Friendship Stuff

  • Handling Tough Friendship Stuff

  • Enjoying the Daily Routine

  • Understanding Stressful Feelings

  • Conquering Schoolwork and Homework

  • Knowing How to Contribute.

This book is ideal for both boys and girls, and helps answer questions like:

  • I find maths difficult. How can I enjoy schoolwork more?

  • Someone is being mean to me. How can I make them stop?

  • Some of my friends are spreading rumours. What shall I do if I hear gossip?

  • I didn’t get invited to my friend’s party. How do I handle disappointments?

  • My best friend is really sad. How can I help?

The Everyday Resilience Journal
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Here’s more about what’s inside…

Page 11. If you ever wondered how to spot a five-star friend, this strategy is for you. I am going to introduce you to Father Dave, and you might even wish you could meet him.

Page 15. Kids your age tell me that they often want to help when someone is being picked on, but don’t always know what to do.  This strategy will hep you stand up for others without starting World War 3.

Page 17.  Belonging to a group can be great, but we have to also remember to get to know people outside of our group. Some of my best friends have been people I didn’t originally think I would get along with.

Page 23. In this section I want to share 4 strategies to help you handle gossip like a pro. These strategies will help you reduce the drama and create happy environments that everyone can enjoy.

Page 30. Do you know how to say “no” when you need to, without being unkind? No is such an important word to practise saying.

Page 32. Do you know how to care for friends without carrying their problems home? This strategy will help you be a good friend, without losing sleep!

Page 45. This is my all-time favourite strategy that you need to know.  I want to teach you how to respond to meanness well by pushing back with truth.

Page 57.  Have you ever had to stand alone?  I’ll tell you about a time when I had to stand alone. It was a time when I had to make new friends.

Page 63.  If you have ever felt disappointed because you weren’t invited to a party or because you weren’t included in a conversation. I’ve got some ideas to help you let go of disappointment and ask yourself, “What’s next?”

Page 105. Crazy banana stress-out times are a part of everyone’s lives. This strategy will help you look out for geckos when your “fire alarm” is going off.

Page 112.  Do you like gaming? I want you to learn how to enjoy gaming, without it taking over your life.

Page 121.  Shhhhhh!!! It’s a secret, so be wise with it!  This strategy will help you be really wise with your private information.

Page 138. Some things are worth doing poorly before we do them well. That’s the only way to tell if you want to “keep trying” when things get tough.

Page 140. Work first. Play later. Choose your least enjoyable thing to do and get it out of the way first.

Page 143. Have you ever wondered how people get really good at things? This strategy will help you add hard work to your talent.

Page 175. How are you contributing and showing kindness to people around you? I know some kids your age who have chosen big and small acts of kindness to change their world.

Here’s a sample….

Here are a few sample pages from the book. I’ve included one of my favourite strategies is called “Push Back With Truth”. This strategy can be found in the “Handling Tough Friendship Days” section of the journal.


The Everyday Resilience Journal
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What people are saying about these resilience resources…

Parents want their children to grow up to be happy, healthy, strong, kind capable and resilient. To do that our precious children need to learn that life can present challenges and moments of adversity as well as moments of exquisite joy and delight. Resilient children learn how to navigate this unpredictable thing called life through the relationships they have and learning new coping skills. Michelle Mitchell has explored 7 things that can definitely help today's parents raise awesome kids in a chaotic changing world in her warm, insightful passionate way. This is a timely, excellent read for those who live with or work with children.
Maggie Dent – Author, Educator and Resilience Specialist

In ‘Everyday Resilience’, Michelle Mitchell provides an intelligent, practical and transformative resource for any adult who holds an important space in the life of a child. Michelle describes seven traits associated with resilience, as well as ways to nurture each these traits to fullness. ‘Everyday Resilience’ is a warm, wise, and powerful discussion of how we, as adults, can build the scaffold to empower the children in our lives to expand into their very important place in the world.
Karen Young - Author, Speaker, Parenting and Child & Adolescent Anxiety Specialist

In our world of constant change, Michelle has identified and described seven key principles that have never changed. This practical resource to help develop resilience in young teens will be invaluable for every parent and teacher today, and also for tomorrow.
Peter Salisbury - Dean of Year 6, Redlands College 

 I believe ‘Everyday Resilience’ should be in the hands of every parent, educator, and carer.
Offering practical guidance, knowledge and truths, Michelle unpacks 7 key traits children need to have in their resilience backpack, that simply make sense. This is one of the most comprehensive books I have read on why resilience is such an important attribute to continually build and support in our young people, yet it is presented in such a highly engaging and practical way.
Sharon Witt - Best-selling Author, Educator and Presenter

Parents need all the help they can get raising happy, healthy, resilient children in a culture that too often knocks the life out of them. This easy-to-read book will help you help your child navigate the travails of life and develop essential life skills and protective traits to aid them into adulthood as confident, self-reliant and empathetic human beings.  
Melinda Tankard-Reist - Author, speaker, co-founder Collective Shout

 Here’s what to do next…

For only $24.99 plus postage, you’ll receive my book The Everyday Resilience Journal: A Pre-teens Guide to Friendships, Schoolwork and Growing Up. It will be posted anywhere in Australia and select international countries.

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Michelle is an educator, author and award-winning speaker whose passion is to support families as they build resilience in young people. In 2000 Michelle left teaching and founded Youth Excel, a charity which supported thousands of young people with life skills education, mentoring and psychological services.  Michelle’s hands-on experience in the health and wellbeing sector have made her an engaging and sought after speaker. She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two teenagers.

Michelle Mitchell
Author, Speaker, Educator