New Radio Segments on 96.5 FM

I'm back on 96five with a new set of regular parenting segments called "Everyday Resilience with Michelle Mitchell.”

Quite often when I walk into primary school classrooms one of the student's blurts out, "Are you Michelle from 96.5!!!! My mum and I listen to you on the way to school." Then another students says, "Are you famous? Are you on the radio?!!!" TOO CUTE! Celebrity status in primary schools is pretty easy to achieve but so good for the ego. Kids love with such EASE!!! Thank you 96five I wouldn't get that reaction without you!!! 😂

Be sure to listen out for my segments in the car, on the way to school or after school activities. My hope is that they will help you turn everyday challenges into moments that teach resilience.

Check out my chat with Justin here about the segments:


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Speaking Enquiries

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Michelle Mitchell